Sunday, April 6, 2014


Vision of a World Wide Earthquake and Rapture After a Blood Moon

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Text from the vision... from Paula Marie

Hi everyone, I am so excited about this vision I got from the Lord. But this is also Warning message to come to Jesus as this message is hard to hear for those who are not saved, so ask Jesus into your heart now before its too late, it will be your fault if you are left behind in this. This may be your last warning for what is about to come. Many people will refuse to believe and so they will parish. Anyone making negative comments because you can't handle the message will be blocked. It's better to come to repentace so you to can be saved. He will take anyone who is willing to turn away from their sins. So do it now before its too late! I believe that because I had been so down and beat up lately, like I know a lot of you have been, the Lord has given me my request when I asked Him for a vision of the rapture. I am very excited because this vision makes me believe that the rapture could be only weeks away. I have so many things to cover with what the Lord had told me so I will have to make several videos. So here is the vision.
In my vision I saw the blood moon in the sky, but as I was looking at it, it started dripping blood. Next there was a tremendous earthquake and the rapture was taking place.
Ok so what I believe this means is that something will happen at the time of a blood moon. Keep in mind there are four blood moons coming and I am not sure which blood moon it will be, but it will be during the time of a blood moon. The moon dripping blood means that judgement or the tribulation is about to begin and it will be because of an event that was foretold in the Bible coming to pass that would bring judgment. I believe this event is the signing of the Peace Agreement. So because of this vision, I believe the peace agreement will be signed around or during the time of a blood moon. Shortly after the blood moon an earthquake takes place. This is God's judgment upon man kind. The Bible says when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction shall come upon them. The Lord showed me that sometime after the signing of this agreement, I don't know how long, if it will be minutes, hours or days, but sometime after the signing, there will be a world wide earthquake which will also be the rapture of the church. I have had several visions about tsunami's, earthquakes and a city underwater at the time of the rapture. I also had seen what I thought was a huge earthquake hitting California at the time of the rapture. When the Lord told me there would be a world wide earthquake going from one end of the earth to the other, all of my past visions began to make sense. I had several low tide visions and sensations of being in an earthquake. I had a vision of an earthquake with an explosion happening and I even felt my bed shaking as if I was in it. But I now know that the explosion was caused by the earthquake hitting the refinery where I live. I'm going to start re-uploading all of those earthquake related visions and dreams I had. Everything from the Tsunamis, the low tide, the explosion, the city underwater I now know that all these happen at the time of the rapture because of this world wide quake moving from one end of the earth to the other, he will direct its path and it looks like it will go right through the center of the United States. It will set off other fault lines along the way. The Lord wants me to warn people that when you see blood moon, then the signing and feel the shaking, its time to go! Like I said before, it could be this blood moon or one of the others to come. But its urgent and God wants us to be prepared. We are about to go home! I'm going to start the reuploads of those past videos. I don't have the dates on them or transcripts, some are from two years ago. Anyway, I will try to do a summary video with a transcript of all of those earthquake visions for those who need it. These are definatly the end days and now we know what to watch for. Blood moon (may or may not be this one coming up) peace agreement signing and then a world wide earthquake for the rapture. These things will all happen quickly, one right after the other. Stay encouraged as I have even more to reveal. Keep looking up! Jesus is coming! God bless!




(with links to each fulfilled event embedded)

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